Connect your computer remotely from Office to Home with Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Essentials 2011 just release a few days ago. Comparing to the previous version, this one is consolidates many functionalities. This post will be discussing one component of the Windows Live Essentials – Windows Live Mesh.

In order to work between computers, your Windows Live Account (the one that you use to sign up to the Windows Live Messenger) must sign up onto both messengers, at home and at the work (or any two locations).

Your messenger will prompt you that you have signed up to 2 locations. Then we can launch the Windows Live Mesh. It requires absolutely no setup for the connection. Plus, it come with sync features that can synchronize folders, IE favourites and Office settings between the two computers. This is done automatically after you enabled the settings.

Live Mesh Interface


In the remote section, we can see the computers we are connected to. In the example, it only shows one. But if you signup your Windows Live Account at many locations, they will be listed here (only machines that are set to allow remote connection will be listed).

Live Mesh Remote Connection

Now, you can select any computer that you want to connect to, and a new window with remote computer’s screen will be shown.

Connecting to the remote machine

Welcome Screen on the Remote Machine

Control on the Remote Machine

Note: You need broadband/fast Internet connection at both end to ensure the smoothness of controls.

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