Windows 10 Insider Preview Installation Hangs

Post Windows 10 version 1511, build 10586, it is possible that your windows insider preview installation could be stuck during the installation process.

[This has been fixed in the build 14257]

This happens mostly around 76% (configuration) stage. Affected builds are: 11082, 11099, 11102

  • I got stuck on the 76% overall progress and 4% – 5% on the configuration process with the build: 11099)
  • I got stuck on the 76% overall progress and 1% on the configuration process with the build: 11102)

A restart to the computer is needed to restore back to the previous version automatically.

[Windows 10 can rollback any unsuccessful update very nicely :)]

To fix the installation being stuck on certain percentage, you may try the following steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Open “Control Panel”
  2. Browse to “Time & Language”
  3. Select “Region & language”
  4. Change the “Country or region” to United States
  5. Find the “Additional date, time & regional settings” below in the “Related settings” section

  1. Click on “Change location”
  2. In the “Administrative” tab, Click on “Change system localeā€¦”
  3. Select “English (United States)”
  4. Restart the computer and kick off the insider preview installation again.

If the installation is done successfully, you may change the location and system locale again back to what it was.

Repeat the steps above, if there is a newer insider preview release you would like to install.

Hopefully Microsoft fixed the problem in the future builds.

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