Visual Studio Crash upon Launch

Today, I got my Visual Studio crashed upon launch. It was working the day before.


My Visual Studio crashed without giving a trace. The event viewer does not specify the detail of the crash. It was just mentioned that ntdll.dll is the faulting module.

I tried to open the Visual Studio with command line parameters. And it was no luck. The SQL Server 2014 Management Studio (SSMS) was crashing all together.

What was interesting is that, even the Visual Studio Setup was also crashing.

Since the Visual Studio 2015 was released the day before, I grabbed a copy and tried to install it, but the installer was also crashing.


Remembered the day before I left my work, I got my Windows updated with various patches and updates.

So, I review all the updates installed, which I found an Intel Graphics Driver was installed on the same day.

I know that Visual Studio is built on WPF, so I thought I could be the graphics driver.

Then I gave a try by removing the driver and it WORKED.


Hope this post would resolve the same problem you are experiencing.

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