Disable NServiceBus Trial Window

It has been years that I didn’t update my web blog.

Recently, I am assigned to a new project witch uses the NServiceBus 4.6.

And after a week or so, trial windows start to pop-up every time you start the service for development, which is extremely annoying, because you have to manually close them one by one if you have more than one service running.

And I found a simple registry change, which can trick the NServiceBus to not opening the trial window.

There is string key called “TrialStart” in the following registry path:


This key stores a string value of the first date for the initial run of your NServiceBus host. Simply update this key with a date string to the future, say 2099-12-31, and save the key.

That’s it, this will prevent the trial window from popping up again when you developing. I didn’t test this method on the other version of the NServiceBus but 4.6.

Download the registry file which you can use to import into your Windows Registry.

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