How to Fix an Adobe Flash ActiveX Control Reference in a 32-bit Visual Studio project

When a 64-bit Adobe flash player installed on a computer with a Visual Studio project that has a reference to an Adobe Flash ActiveX (AxInterop) component, you might get a problem that state the assembly or the COM reference cannot be found. Although the 64-bit Adobe flash player installation comprises of 32-bit components, but the Visual Studio seems not smart enough to figure out which one to use. I got this problem with Visual Studio 2008, not sure the Visual Studio 2010 will get the same problem.

Adobe Flash Player ActiveX COM Reference

I found a quick fix to this issue and it is a windows registry modification.

Simply open the Windows Registry Editor and navigate to the following location:


If there are 2 keys under this location, namely, win32 and win64, remove the win64 version.

Adobe Flash Player OCX Assembly Registry

And that is it, only keep the win32 key.

Note: Please back the keys up before any change, so that you can rollback/re-import the registry data if you messed it up.

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