Fix “Non-System Disk” Error When Windows Boot Up

Once when I was updating my work laptop (Dell) with a new HDD firmware, I encountered an error message during boot up like the following

“Non-System Disk, Press any key…”

This was happening before the Windows event loaded into the memory. But after I pressed any button on my keyboard, the Windows can be started successfully, but the annoying error message always appears when I start my laptop.

Here is one possible solution in Windows 7 (possibly Windows Vista too):

1. When Windows just started to boot, press the space key to boot into Windows repair.

2. Then choose, “Repair Computer”

3. If login is prompted, logon with your username and password.

4. From a list of options, find the “Command Prompt”

5. In the command line window, type in command: bootrec /fixmbr , then hits the Enter key.

This command will simply fix any MBR(Master Boot Record) related issues.

If you see the a message states the operation is completed successfully, then you can close the command prompt and restart your computer by selecting the “Restart” button.

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