Extract installed Java Application from your Symbian S60v5

There are two possible location where your Java application can be installed, the Built-in phone memory and on your memory card. There is a folder, named ‘Private’, in each of these memory. You may only extract installed Java applications only if you have access to the folders. I prefer to install all my Java applications in my memory card, since the ‘Private’ folder will always accessible under the Mass Storage Mode (i.e. use your phone as a flash drive).

The location where all the Java applications are stored is: [Drive]:\Private\102033E6

All installed Java applications are installed are stored in its own folder under this directory. Simply find the application you want to extract, and copy the *.jar file (as well as *.jad file, if presents) on to another storage medium for later installations.


Why should we extract installed Java application?

For backup purpose: sometimes, we might face system crashes on our mobile devices and the only solution is to format it. In this circumstance, all our installed applications will be wiped out. We have to download them again if we want to use them. Thus, we can extract all our installed Java applications for later installation.

For sharing purpose: once you extract a Java application, you can send it to another mobile device that have the Java feature and install on that device too.

3 thoughts on “Extract installed Java Application from your Symbian S60v5

  1. Thank u so much for dis piece of information. I was able to locate the folder where d java applications are stored in my phone, but the problem is dat it refuse to be copied or moved. Please is there any special application for extracting it. I ‘ll like to know more about it. Thanks as i wait for ur wonderful reply.

  2. Which application you use to browse contents on your cell phone?

    Try to connect your cell phone in Mass Storage Mode, so that the computer will treat your cell phone as a USB storage device.

    You must access data on your cell phone from your Windows Explorer instead of the PC Suit (If you choose to connect your cell phone in PC Suit Mode). When using third party software like PC Suit to browse your data on your cell phone, your access might be restricted and also system files might be filtered out to prevent unwanted modification.

    If you installed your Java applications on your external memory card, you can just use a card reader to read the data.

    So, as long as you can see your files with your Windows Explorer, it should be fine. Try this method, and welcome to place any feedback or comments here after then.

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